Nov 13, 2011

Old Books Are So Cool!!

I absolutely ADORE old books! They look so beautiful neatly lined up on a bookshelf. There is something about the old book cover with the old pages and the old print on those pages that makes for a wonderful piece of art to hold in your hands. Using old book pages to make wreaths, pumpkins, Christmas tree ornaments, and more is a very hot trend right now. Well, why not take that old book and turn it into a personalized hanging piece of wall art...??

I found these pieces on Etsy.

Or even into a beautiful candle?

You can buy these candles at Pottery Barn.

I am DETERMINED to find some old vintage books and make my version of these beautiful items this week, with a little twist: think texture and tangible!! You WON'T want to miss Funky Friday's post... It will feature a tutorial on how to make my versions.

I hope you were inspired today!!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Nov 6, 2011

Today's Inspiration?? FASHION!

With winter officially upon us I've been looking at a lot of cute and comfy fall clothing lately. Today's inspiration comes from an outfit that I found on Pinterest:

It made me think of a hipster kind of traveling lady, one that's always cozy, chic, carries a bit of the unexpected, and most importantly: always confident!

I designed this weeks inspiration room around that basic idea: somewhere that is hip and has somewhat of a traveled feel to it through some eclectic elements. Somewhere that is cozy, chic, and has an unexpected flair that will always draw you in.

The most obvious starting point in this room is the very graphic blue and white patterned wallpaper. The large, classic print makes a bold statement but is balanced out by the large, white modern sofa. Carrying the white throughout the room is key to pulling off the bold blue and white wallpaper. It helps to unify the room without bringing in too many other heavy colors and weighing the room down.

Lightening up the rich wood floors is accomplished by bring in a large white chunky throw rug. It is layered with another throw rug--this one a brown and white cowhide. Together the two rugs add a sense of texture, again without bringing too much contrast into the room and weighing it down. The light spice wall color brings in some warmth while still keeping the room light and airy. Simple shapes with very little color like the wall sculpture and the lighting fixtures help to add additional modern and classical influences, additionally tying the two styles together.

Even if this classical-modern eclectic style isn't for you, these simple guidelines of tying colors, styles, and textures together can and should apply to EVERY room in your room!

I hope that you have found some inspiration in today's post!!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Nov 5, 2011

Humpday Help & Funky Friday... a bit late. *BLUSH*

Well, since school is taking up every scrap of time and energy that I have, I have been unable to make my regular post deadlines, so in the future I will be doing away with my "Humpday Help" segment until school is finished. For now though, I am combining this weeks "Humpday Help" and "Funky Friday".

My dear son has been grounded from the Wii all week long. He really doesn't get to play it all that much anyways, but I think the idea that something is off limits really makes him want to nag me incessantly! All week long I have been hearing "I'm bored!" and "There's nothing to do!". I really wish that I had made this Advent Calendar a few weeks ago just for times like these.

Its original format was intended for the month of December but is really one that can last all year long, not just during the holidays. It can be completely tailored to any ones needs, which is why I love it so much. It can be made as big or as small as one would desire, and can be made out of paper envelopes, pretty scrapbook paper, or even fabric (fabric would be ideal to help with durability and longevity). After the envelopes are made they can be adhered to a piece of wood or fabric (and then hung with dowels on the top and bottom to maintain the shape). Putting pieces of paper with activity suggestions in each envelope is perfect for any child or adult to grab one out and get to having fun!

I will (provided I can find a few spare minutes here and there!) be making mine out of fabric. I'll use a neutral base fabric to sew all of my coordinating fabric envelopes to. Some of my envelopes will have fabric with a simple but nice design that will be able to go with all of the major holidays. I'll leave them plain with only the number of the day on them. The other envelopes will have have a more neutral fabric that will have little velcro pieces on the front of them so that I can create little holiday accessory pieces (Valentines, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and change them out with those corresponding holidays.

Yes, I have thought ahead to what I will do with the extra days of the month when all 31 days don't apply!! Along with all fun must come some work... The extra pockets will be conformed into chore pockets. I'll have a "Chores" velcro accessory that will be applied to the extra pockets, that way when it's chore time I don't have to be the mean one that assigns the chores! The kids will simply retrieve their own chores!

As soon as I finish my version of this Advent Calendar I'll post it! I hope you find inspiration from this belated Humpday Help/Funky Friday post...

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 30, 2011

Non-Boring Forms of Inspiration!

Wow... When I saw this photo over at Centsational Girl I couldn't help myself with this weeks Inspirational Sunday post.

There are so many different forms of inspiration in this non-boring neutral room. When creating an entire room of neutrals it can get really boring, really fast--unless you pay attention to the little things. Simple details like a nice headboard, textured fluffy pillows, detailed pillow shams, and some metallic stenciling can bring a lot of life to an otherwise drab, neutral room.

This upholstered headboard with the nail details frames out the bed nicely and brings your eye to the center of that GORGEOUSLY stenciled wall!! What a simple way to bring life to such a plain wall. Neutrals are very much alive and well... It's the little details that take a neutral room from drab to fab!!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 28, 2011


Congratulations to Marie West for winning the $20.00 Pottery Barn gift card!!

Beautified Home will be back bright and early on Sunday with the newest edition of "Inspirational Sundays"... Thanks for your patience!

Oct 23, 2011

FIRST EVER TUTORIAL: Personalized Beach Sigh

Well... After a couple of technical difficulties (on my part) it's FINALLY here: my very first tutorial!!
So, I wanted to have something cute in my home with our family name but didn't want to do the typical vinyl lettering on the wall. I wanted something unique, something that would bring some texture and visual interest, and what better way to bring that then in the form of a personalized beach sign?!

First things first, though. No laughing at the painting job... I have to finish all of the edging, paint my ceiling and trim, and finish touching up some other holes on a couple of other walls. Anywhoo... It's a current work in progress.

The first step with this project is to cut some boards to a size that will work with your caption and wall. I used one 1x8 and two 1x4's. Then you need to paint them to the color of your choice. I chose the same cream that is in my kitchen. I antiqued the boards just a little bit so that the antiquing isn't too obvious, just a little bit worn looking. I think I might try to add very, very, light glaze to it sometime this week to bring out some of the different wood tones that I exposed.

Next you need to pick out a font style and size that will work well on your boards. My caption reads: "The Hills, est. 2000, with love" (I had another caption that I was going to put on the top ("Hill Family") which fit height-wise, but didn't fit length-wise on my board, hence the "Fa" and "y" lying there. Because the board that has our family name is larger I chose a 400 pt. font, the other boards had a 300 pt. font. Print out the caption and get your tape ready.

You will need to fold the paper over so that there is at least one layer underneath your caption (so that your paper doesn't rip--see next step).  Line up the text and tape it into place. 

After you tape your caption down you will then tract the outside of your text with a ball point pen hard enough to leave an indent on the board beneath.

Once you have the outlines of the phrase traced you can paint them the color of your choice. I used red to bring a little UMPH to my very blue and green room. This is JUST the place that I needed to start to bring that color out! (NOTE: I would very highly recommend using latex paint and not acrylic craft paint, which is more difficult to work with.)

After you have the caption painted on and it has dried you can drill holes large enough for rope to go through and either tie each section together or thread it through each hole with one long rope. I chose the later because it just seemed easier. I also looped each section after threading it through the drilled holes so that it was more secure. It's almost like a single knot at each section. You can also use ribbon, but I wanted a more textured, very slightly beach-y feel, so I used the rope.

Find the studs in your wall (or use some wall anchors) and screw in some eye hooks. Tie your entire art piece up on the secured eye hooks and, VWA-LA!!!! You're done!

The entire process took me about 4 hrs, not including drying time. I think that is longer than what average might be because I used the acrylic craft paint to paint on the caption, which is more difficult to work with then latex paint.

WELL, What do you think?? Let me know by leaving me a comment!!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 22, 2011

Tutorial Delayed...

Ok, well due to some technical difficulties that I had yesterday and an incredibly busy schedule that I have this morning the first ever tutorial that I had all planned out won't be posted until later this afternoon. 


Yes, it's late... but it's going to be a good one that can be used ANYWHERE in the house!! One little clue: think 'personalized beach'.

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 20, 2011

FIRST EVERS: Our Giveaway and Tutorial!!

Don't forget about our FIRST EVER giveaway...! Check it out here.

Also, check back tomorrow for ANOTHER FIRST EVER: a very cool tutorial! It's definately a unique way to add some personalization to your home!

Oct 19, 2011

Pottery Barn GIVEAWAY!!




Ok, so here's how this is going to work:

Tell your friends about Beautified Home ( They need to "like" us on Facebook, come over to and leave a comment on this post saying who referred them. Whoever refers the most people, wins a $20.00 gift card to Pottery Barn. They have ADORABLE holiday decor, and their everyday items are to die for as well!

Your friends can refer their friends and have a chance to win too. Very simple for a free $20.00 gift card! This will run until 10/25/2011 so there is plenty of time to get lots of people to help you win! PLUS, you can comment with your own name for an added entry. Another additional entry will also be counted if you "follow" the blog!

SO... You could get a potential of three entrys just by yourself if you:
1. Like our facebook page
2. "Follow" the blog
and 3. Comment with your name at the bottom of the blog post!

Good luck!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Containing the Chaos!

Well, we all love our dear little ones.

They are so precious, so wonderful... and so messy!! I will quite frequently go from cleaning the living room of my home, to cleaning the kitchen, and when I've come back to the living room, it's DISASTROUS!! Books and toys are out, shoes have somehow made their way out of the shoe bin, and coats have been pulled down from the coat rack. So, I thought this week for your Humpday Help I'd share a couple of very fun activities to keep your dear little ones busy while you are busy:

Temporarily turn your dining room table or another small kids table into a very small, very contained chaos table:

Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn

And get a few activities ready for them:

Moon sand, I have found, is very quick and easy to make. Plus, it will keep the kids busy for HOURS!!!! Click here to get the recipe (note: corn flour in Australia is the same thing as corn starch in the U.S.).

Marble paint (aka Suminagashi) is a GREAT way to keep older kids busy for a VERY LONG time. You may want to lay a plastic table cloth or a couple of place mats down before you get the colors all out.

Visit Frugal Family Blog to get the tutorial!

This website, first of all is in Spanish or something, so if you can read and understand Spanish then you're set. If you don't know Spanish, don't worry... the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Just a couple of erasers and a couple of minutes of your time will keep the little ones occupied for a good deal of time! Plus, I LOVE that it's easy enough for toddlers to do on their own! If you're really crafty you can even use this idea for some of your scrap booking.

Photo Courtesy of:

These activities will not only keep them busy long enough to be able to get some of the house cleaned up but maybe even long enough for you to have some bon-bon's and catch up on the latest episode of Grey's!

Hope this is helpful for you on Humpday Help!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 18, 2011


Ok, I am doing my very first ever GIVE AWAY starting tomorrow to a store that I LOVE!!

Head over to Facebook (, like us, and check out the details that will be posted tomorrow. Tell your friends and get excited!! You (or they) could win a little surprise!

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 16, 2011

Two Shades of Gray...

If you're anything like me, you might have a slight obsession with changing your decor {uh-hem: regularly}. I am DYING to change decorate my master bedroom. With the exception of hanging some very bland drapes, I have yet to do anything to the space. As I have been considering when and how I will improve our bedroom space I have been finding both styles and color combinations that I LOVE! I love almost all styles of decor, all of the new colors, and all of the new trends. I love to bring new elements into a room and make old things work in a new way. And, as I've already told you, I LOVE the new gray.

Last week I showed you three simple color combinations that worked very well with gray. The one that I received the most feedback on was the blue and gray room. Color can make such a HUGE impact on a room but different styles can be equally as important. So, here is your inspiration for this week:

Both styles are based on the same color combinations, but a simple change of fabrics, where a tufting is located, lighting, and what materials your accessories are made out of prove to make all of the difference in the world.

Which one do you like better? Traditional or Modern??

Your slightly obsessed host,

Oct 14, 2011

Wood Wall Feature? I think YES!!

Ahhhhhh... Funky Friday is FINALLY upon us!! I like to take inspiration from anyplace that I can get it, and this segment is specifically devoted to that. The last couple of weeks I have been looking very heavily at wood. Antonio (the Design Star winner on season 4) was my main inspiration for trying to bring some wood into any room possible in my house.

Wood can excite all of the senses at once, which is PERFECT for little boys that are active and want to see, do, and create everything! When seeing a wood installation in a room it immediately creates a visual interest, it makes you want to touch it, it can also create a wonderfully soft aroma (I'll be using cedar), and it makes ME think of home. Having grown up in Washington state has given me a special appreciation for the richness, warmth, and glow that wood can bring to a room. These two funky wood installations are my inspirations this week:

 Photo courtesy of

 Photo courtesy of Craft1945

Curious to see where I take these inspirations?? I have decided to take the warmth, lighting, and life from these inspirations into my sons room. He has an alcove in his room that I will be turning into a reading nook with a cedar wall feature. I will free up some much needed floor and room space by doing away with his large bulky bookcase and bringing the shelving RIGHT into the cedar wall. Here is what his current room configuration looks like:
Keeping the following layout in mind let me show you a few REAL LIFE pictures from his room... YES, I could have cleaned everything up and had it looking so nice and pretty for my little blog post, but then you wouldn't see the REAL LIFE of how his room really is!! Don't get your judgment hat out too quickly: WE JUST CLEANED IT 3 DAYS AGO!!

His room is very cramped and uninviting!!

At least he's been using the sanitizing wipes!!

His desk is way too bulky for this room!!   


So, here's the game plan:

I'm going to eliminate the bookcase AND desk, move the bed to a large blank wall which will make his bed run parallel to the window, remove window treatments, install cedar wood planks in the window alcove and the small wall within the alcove, install built-in shelves within the new planking on the small wall in the alcove, run 95" drapes along entire alcove so that it creates a nice little reading nook, add lots of visual interest with paint, and cut down, paint, and install this ugly table top as a desk (the flip out "wing" will be perfect for adding working space when it's needed, but then putting it away when it's not):

As you can see, it's just been gathering dust: I'm going to put it to good use!!

Recessed lighting will eventually be installed in the alcove to highlight this awesome feature, but that's a few months away. I'm just not wanting to climb in the attic any time soon!! It's going to be a lot of work, but it will be well worth it!! You have to be curious about how it's all going to work out... I know I am!! 

Oct 12, 2011

Hanging Book Display & Window Bulletin Board

If you're anything like me organization is a huge problem. I love organizing my life and staying organized, but other not-so-adult-like-munchkins in my home just don't see things the same way. I haven't made this one yet, but the second I get a hold of a sewing machine it is going to be the first thing that I make!! I found this tutorial from "Penny Carnival" which can help to keep all of the little books cleaned up and let the kids have easier access to them. Hopefully this will help make organizing all of the little books around your house easier for you AND your munchkins!!

What kind of blog host would I be if I only included something for the kids?! Every mom wants a little something for herself too!! This great tutorial that I found over at "The Feminist Housewife"  is PERFECT for a small entry way. A simple old window pane was created into a magnetic bulletin and cork board. This would be perfect in my entry by our garage. I am constantly writing notes for my husband on paper and throwing it on the floor in front of the door so that he sees it when he walks in the door. This is exactly what I need. The backing board was painted with three layers of magnetic paint so it would also be perfect for hanging the kids artwork! One substitution that could be used instead of painting so many layers of magnetic paint would be to use a piece of metal that can be picked up from any hardware store, paint it with a primer, then add a cute pattern as your top coat, like these stripes:

As soon as I make my versions of these I will post them!! I am dying to make them and get MYSELF and my munchkins more organized!!

Happy Humpday Help!

Oct 9, 2011

Gray With a Splash of Color

Gray is the new beige!!

So, I've been looking a lot at some of the most magnificent gray rooms and have found that EVERYONE has migrated to the new trend of gray and yellow... but, what happens next spring when EVERYONE has transitioned to the new gray and yellow?? EVERYONE will be sick of it and go for another new trend. Well, why not start now?! I love the new gray, but let's add a little bit of uniqueness and see what happens!! Here are some of my favorite gray combinations:

I found this picture and just about died because of the clean beauty and freshness that is given through the soft gray, crisp blue, and vibrant white. This space is grounded by a large square coffee table with a glass top which gives an additional feeling of airiness to the room. The space is further stabilized with this simple but structured sofa that is spiced up with a few unique throw pillows. The blue wall behind this built in bookcase draws your eye into the room and gives a unique touch to a simple bookcase.

This textured bedroom is very simple, but a few key pieces give the masculine space an elegant feeling without going over the top. The simple bedding was given an elegant, tailored look with the white tufted headboard and "jewelry" that was added around the tufting to accentuate its beautiful shape. Additional sparkle was added to the simple textured pillows and is carried up the wall to add a mirrored interest right above the headboard. Sexy silver table lamps help to balance out this textured tailored bedroom with just a little bit of shine. While the gray is definitely present in the room, the whites, silvers, and textures help to brighten up the room and add some sparkle where it is needed.

This living room will NEVER get dull! The dark charcoal gray carpet and sofa ground this chic, modern room. The gray ceiling is enhanced by white walls and a large white area rug. Pops of red immediately warm up the dark colors and excite the room even further. The final icing on the cake is the pendant chandelier that adds sparkle and shine to the top of the room where otherwise it would have been just a gray ceiling. This room undoubtedly keeps the visual interest going without having too much color overwhelm ones senses.

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